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4 Feb

2014 ATC Team Odds

Author: Keith 1 comment

Tongue in cheek odds for this years ATC competitors

Odds Team Competitors Notes
8-1 BATES BROTHERS Michael & Steven Bates A good chance for previous winners, odds would be even better if Michael actually fished too
10-1 ACA4LIFE Keith Thompson & Kevin Olivier These guys fish Ladybird nearly every week, so know the swims and know how to extract the best from each one. The force is strong with this pairing
12-1 CARP-E-DIEM August & Ashleigh Wells With Ashleigh generally catching bigger fish than August they have a great chance at the big prize.
16-1 THE WOOLARDS-ACA Lyndsey & Chad Woolard Look out for this pair, they catch a few carp now and then.
18-1 NTX CARP PRO John Eisen & Joseph Raguro These guys can catch but will need a good draw and a better bait
20-1 VCARPERS Son Ho & Michael Tran This pairing can catch the heck out of the Ladybird carp, just so long as they are within 400 yards of the 35W boat ramp.
25-1 BIG CARP U.S.A. David Moore & Brian Nordberg What can we say about a team that fished the very first ATC, have both been part of a winning team and they know how to catch from Ladybird
40-1 RICKYRICK Ricky Wilson & Rick Wilson Can they be the first father/son team to win? Only if Rick brings better bait
50-1 TIPPED SCALES Carl Norris & Evan Cartabiano Perennial Carl is due to catch a few on Ladybird, Evan is no slouch either but might struggle on Ladybird
60-1 NORGGE Christopher & Sydney Norris No info about this pair but at least they are from TX. Christopher did blank at last years ATC so might get a few this year
70-1 PEG LEG Chris Vines & Mark Villanova Can Mark remember how to catch carp and don’t bet on Buffaloman Chris taking the buffalo pot.
751 SOUTHERN CARP EXPERIENCE Joe Carter & Clayton Lothrop Fresh off his recent 50lb buffalo PB Clayton might be still amped enough to get into the Ladybird carp, Joe can always catch something wherever he goes.
80-1 BOSSARD Melissa Mc Daniels & Kurt Bond Certainly in with a good chance, but we have watched Kurt blank like an expert too. Melissa might catch more than Kurt does.
85-1 DALLAS HOOKERS Chris Harrington & Jesse Chavez We know Chris and Jesse both catch plenty of fish in DFW but how will they do on Ladybird
99-1 HOOSEIRISH Brid Caveney & Kenny Keaton Brid is always good for a few fish and Kenny seems to know how to catch. They will only do well if they can park next to their swim since they have to carry 27 buckets of bait each day.
100-1 TBA Christian Torres & Chad Edwards Both good anglers but Chad takes more pictures of feet than carp and Christian can still only cast 50 yards
105-1 NO CHANCE Frank Kessler & Andy Longstreth At least they are from Texas but see the team name for why they have high odds
110-1 SONIQ Wayne Boone & Richard Cervantes Both know how to catch but can they get the fish on Ladybird to feed on the baits that they bring from California?
115-1 K-1 BAITS & POLONIA CARP TEAM Marcin Szydlowski & Henryk Burza Marcin has been here before but not for a few years, the lake has changed a lot since the last time he was here.
120-1 POLONIA CARP TEAM Daniel Szorc & Andrzej Burnagie If they take Marcin’s advice they might catch a few.
180-1 STOUT/ K1 BAITS Tony & Christine Stout Odds would be better if they were not from Indiana, of course they have a previous winner as a runner so that might help
220-1 GOLDEN BALLS Mark Metzger & Phil Saunders Phil knows how to catch carp, but has hampered himself with Mark as a partner
230-1 TIGHT LINES Brian Daugherty & Tom Daugherty Might make the top ten but Michigan has no chance two years in a row
250-1 THE YOUNG GUNS Austin Pass & Brendan Pass No repeat for this pairing since Michigan has no chance two years in a row
300-1 MICHIGAN CARPERS Nikolas Williams & Drew Nichols Never been here before AND Michigan has no chance two years in a row

Keith-Kristina_Decker-November 18, 2013-2After a long weekend of attending the Formula 1 Race here in Austin, Kristi and I decided to relax on the banks of Decker Lake and try and catch some buffalo. Since we had started really early all three days of the race weekend, and the buffalo tend to not really start feeding hard until 10:00 am., we took out time getting ready in the morning and getting to the lake – arriving about 9:45. We found the lake a little up in level and a cool wind blowing straight into our faces (12-15 mph wind out of the North). We put up the Groundhog for shelter from the wind, let the dogs roam around for a while before leashing them to a picnic table, got the fishing gear out, and used the method blaster to put out 25 frozen balls of my oats pack from last weekend.

By 10:45 we had all three rods out with grits pack, 2.5oz. inline leads set up to be free running, 15″ Korda N-Trap Soft, Korda Kontinental hooks in size 6, a single K1-Baits Pineapple Ester Tiger Nut (dyed yellow for extra visibility) and a single piece of buoyant plastic maize (making the rig almost weightless in the water). Within a few minutes we had a couple of catfish type knocks – really fast pickup and drop back down, but no takes. Sticking to my usual timetable I re-baited at 11:30 and again at 12:00, I do this as I find that runs seem to come within the first 30 minutes of the bait being in the water (generally about four out of five casts this is true).

At 12:10 we had a “normal” buffalo bite which, after some issues due to weed, Kristi put the net under some 10 minutes later. This fish was 37lb 10oz. We took the pictures and slipped it back before re-baiting all three rods once again.

We were about to rebait again about 1:00 pm when the alarms signaled yet another buffalo this one being Kristi’s fish. She picked up the rod and started to get the fish moving towards us when it went solid in the weeds, after Kristi had tugged, dragged and pulled for a good 10 minutes she handed the rod over to me to get the fish out of the weed. I eventually managed to get the fish moving again and landed the fish and about 30lb of weed – another pristine buffalo weighing 33lb graced the scales – this one being a joint effort we counted it as half each.

Yet another hour passed and I was pulling a rod in that had got snagged in the weed when yet another buffalo bite started. Kristi picked up the rod and was immediately attached to a hard fighting fish, I literally dragged in a 50lb bunch of loose weed to get the rod I was on out of the way then went to net Kristi’s fish. This one also found the weed but not as badly as previously, so Kristi carried on bringing in the fish. While she was playing it the last rod indicated another bite, so I got on that one quickly to prevent it too getting in the weed. That did not happen and the fish buried itself in the weed within a couple of minutes of me picking up the rod. I decided to lay the rod down and focus on netting Kristi’s fish which was close by now. This one had about 15lb of weed wrapped around its head and ended up weighing in at 39lb 8oz – we thought it might be a new PB for Kristi at one point. While Kristi took care of the fish – unhooking, transferring to the sling and weighing etc. I went back to my weed snagged fish. By now the fish was free of most of the weed and came in pretty easily. This fourth fish of the day ended up weighing 34lb and made a nice double for the pair of us – no double pictures as we were still the only ones at the lake.

By now we were getting low on bait and planning to leave at 4:00 pm. so I had a couple more re-baits before the last bite of the day which Kristi landed at 29lb even.

No real monsters but a nice relaxed day after all the hectic coming and going of Formula 1.

24 Oct

A Record Straight

Author: Keith 0 comments

With the recent spate of 50lb+ Smallmouth Buffalo coming from Decker Lake to other Austin Carp Angler members over the past three weeks, I decided after my long weekend at Luckenbach for the Harvest Classic Bike Rally (I work for a motorcycle repair and restoration shop), to head on up and fish the lake myself on Monday, October 21st.

Kevin and Chad had fished Sunday, when Chad had his 50lber, so I fished the same general area in the hopes that the buffalo were around feeding on their left over bait. I arrived about 7:00 am, and was set up with baits in the water by 7:30. The bait was grits pack on one rod, with K1 Baits Pineapple Ester Tiger Nuts, which I had dyed yellow to make them stand out. The second rod had grits pack, and one of the K1 Baits Concept boilies that we have been having success on recently, and the last rod had the same boilie, but with a small PVA mesh bag of crushed boilies. As usual at Decker, the swingers started bouncing as the fish moved on the baits; short lifts of 2-3 inches, followed by a slow drop back to the original starting position, as the buffalo suck and blow at the baits.

At around 8:15, the rod with the tigers produced a full-blown run. When I picked up the rod, it was like striking into a snag; the rod taking on its full curve, and line slowly ticking off the drag. I knew then that I had a big buffalo, as the smaller ones (up to mid-thirties) tend to be a little faster, and more aggressive. Slowly but surely, I got the big buff closer to shore, and when it rolled about 30 feet out, I knew it was at least a good fifty. The fish came easily to the net, after its initial roll on the surface, and on the scale, it went 54lb 2oz. At last I had cracked the 50lb barrier at Decker (something that had eluded me for the past two winters).

After recasting all three rods (which I tend to do after each fish at Decker), it was not long (9:15) before I had a jerky take on one of the boilie rods, followed by a lively fight with a 24lb 4oz buffalo. Since the boilies were not consistently getting me takes (they were getting picked up but not hooked), I switched to two rods with the tiger nuts, and left one on the boilies.

The swim went dead for a while after this, so I re-baited several times, before 11:00 on the nose, I had yet another screaming run on the tigers, and yet again when I picked up the rod, it felt like I was pulling in a pile of weeds. This fish did not seem to put up any resistance, just feeling heavy like a bunch of weeds, until it was about 40 yards out. At that point, the fish decided to wake up, and immediately pulled off 50-60 yards of line on the drag. I suspected that I had a mid-thirty, that had run through some weeds and the weeds had fallen off. However, this fish did not want to play ball, going on at least three more runs of 30-50 yards. Thirty minutes after the initial run, I actually saw the fish about thirty feet out on the surface, and immediately pegged it at around the fifty pound mark again. It took another ten minutes before the fish came to the net, and three times when it got to the net, it turned and went back out to around 30 feet, but eventually it succumbed to the net, and the beast was mine. That fish took me 45 minutes to land, and when I picked up the net, I was sure it would be my second fifty of the day. On the scale, the fish went 49lb 15oz, and no amount of shaking or bouncing put it over 50lb.

I re-baited all the rods once again, this time with tigers on all three, and did not have to wait long (12:30 ish) before another slow steady run on the rod that had been last one on boilies. I felt that this was yet another big buffalo, as it was slow and plodding around. I could feel that the fish was heavy, since when it was not pulling, it took a lot for me to move it. This time the fight was around twenty minutes, and at one point, I saw the fish, and could tell it was massive; looking very long and deep in the body, like my PB from earlier in the year. Netting the fish was relatively easy, but picking up the net was not. I had to reach down in the net and unclip the hook-link, so I could lay down the rod, and use both hands to lift the net. I put the fish on the carp cradle, and removed the hook. I then put the fish on the scale, and watched as the needle swung all the way around to 62lb 6oz. I was jumping and screaming on the bank, as this was my second 60lb+ fish this year. I then remember that the lake record was less than 60lb, so I immediately checked in with ACA, to get someone to help with photographs and officially witness the fish. Kevin and Chad were free, so I sacked the monster, wound in the other rods, then got back in the water, up to my knees, to keep an eye on the fish (boy that water was chilly).

When Kevin and Chad arrived, we pulled the fish, and re-weighed it, (it showed lighter on the scale as it was in a sack, rather than the weigh sling). However, after doing the calculations, we settled on 62lb 5oz, measured her at 40 inches long, and 36 inches in girth (my 64lb 4oz PB was 44 inches long, and 35 inches in girth). Kevin took a lot of pictures of the fish, the measurements, the scales spinning around to the eventual weight, and the fish going back in the water.

After Kevin and Chad left, I re-baited and waited; not that I needed to catch anything else, as I was on a high from catching such a huge fish. Eventually I had one more run, and after a relatively easy fish, netted another buffalo. This one went 31lb 12oz, making a grand total of 222lb 6oz; consisting of a 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60, all in one session; I mentioned that to Kevin, and he called it a “Straight Run” (poker term) which I immediately countered with “Record Run”.

ACA hosted a Fish-in at Emma Metropolitan Park from September 20-22nd.  We all had high hopes, since the fishing has been above par in Austin for about the past month or so.  Getting water front sites at Emma was a challenge, since so many people had been camping in the park, trying to get in some last minute fun in the sun before our temperatures start to cool off.   Since we had to pay for lakeside spots  ahead of time in order to ensure we had them for the fish-in, a few us ended up on the bank a day or two early.  We ended up having quite a few fish in the cradle over the next few days, one to remember for sure.

Kurt and Mike were first to hit the bank on Wednesday afternoon.  The rest of us had obligations that kept us away for at least a day or two more, so we were all glued to our group chat waiting for them to report back with catches.  They ended up with 20+ fish that night, ranging from 10-24lbs.  This included Mike’s absolutely stunning fully scaled mirror, at 10lbs 12oz! After a night like that, I had planned on leaving for Emma at my first possible convenience the next day.  I hardly slept the night before, as is the norm for me the night before a session.

I made it to the lake about 1pm the next day.  The fishing had slowed, but I was still optimistic about what the late afternoon, and evening would bring.  I quickly got my lines out and started to build my swim with range cubes, manna, and sweet corn soaked in some K-1 Perfect Plum.  Kurt had brought his kayak, so with Mikes help; we made short work of baiting up.  It wasn’t long before the first fish was in my cradle, a massive 56lb grass carp!  This fish was huge, bulging out both ends of my cradle. Not only was the fish super long, but it was a fatty to boot.  The only problem was the cedar knot (hidden by the grass) I busted my knee one while stepping down to the water in order to play the fish.  I didn’t notice the damage it did at first, with a fish that large in the cradle.  After a while I happened to look down, and noticed my knee was swollen all the way to my ankle.  I rebaited my lines, packed some ice into a Ziploc, elevated my leg, and hoped for the best.  The things we do for fishing, right?

Friday turned out to be a wet one.  We were expecting rain, but nothing like what we got.  The remnants of hurricane Manuel had blown in, coupled with a cold front the same day, making for some classic Texas thunderstorms.  It poured most of the day, with very small breaks in between storm cells.  Just enough time to step out from the bivvie to stretch your legs, and rebait your lines.  The rain finally eased up in the afternoon, giving everyone a chance to move around, and set their minds to fishing again.

I had a fresh batch of oats pack ready that had been brewing since Thursday evening, made with K-1 Fruity Pineapple and Juicy Tutti Frutti, which I have found to be a deadly combo.  I rebaited my lines, and launched about 15 method balls into my swim.  Fish started to crash almost immediately. It was clear that it was going to be an interesting night.  Fish hit the bank pretty steady until about 2am.  Again, it was mostly teener commons, and of course a bunch of grassers.  At about 1am, just as I was about to pass out in my bed chair, I had a screaming run on my margin rod.  It was an awesome fight, from a fish that had some spunk.  When I slid the net under the fish, she went sideways, and I saw that it was fully scaled, I flipped out.  The result was my very first fully scaled mirror, at 15lbs 2oz. Everyone was asleep at that point, but that didn’t stop me from knocking on a few bivvie doors to tell everyone about it.  I was completely elated, and I still am.

I left on Saturday afternoon, a day early, due to my busted knee from the 56lb grasser.  The swelling had gone down, but it was definitely time to put it up at the house.  Everyone else continued to fish until Sunday afternoon, catching fish until they left.  We had some out-of-towners come out for a bit and break a few PB’s.  Keith and Kristina managed to catch a lot more fish by Monday for his birthday weekend, but that’s another story that I will let Keith tell.

Most of my fish fell to K-1 Tutti & Pineapple Sweetcorn, and K-1 Tutti Maize, popped up with Enterprise K-1 Imitation Corn, to keep if off the silt.  I also had a few commons, and one of my buffs, fall the K-1 concept boilies I spoke about in my most recent post, Hit the Ground Running.  Another successful session with K-1 Baits on the hair!

Until next time, keep em in the net!