2013 ATC Team odds

Tongue in cheek odds for teams competing in this years Austin Team Championship

30 to 1 — Big Carp USA— David Moore & Brian Nordberg
Dave and Brian did the right thing pairing up with previous winners, but just how much have these two fished recently

80 to 1 — Team Sprinkle — Andy Sprinkle & Nikki Sprinkle
Out of state teams odds are always going to be worse, but at least Andy has someone who actually catches carp fishing with him

40 to 1 — Just Fishin’ — John Foshee & Brian Sherwood
Brian’s pretty good but his partner is from Alabama where there are no carp

40 to 1 — Southern Carp Experience — Joe Carter & Keith Beadsworth
Joe’s been known to catch now and then but again his partner is from Alabama where there are no carp

35 to 1 — GITTER DONE — Stephen Clark & Zack Testa
Can Stephen and Zach catch? YES. Will they be able to figure out the ATC? MAYBE. Will they manage to survive each other? WHO KNOWS

75 to 1 — World Classic Baits — Daniel Slaby & Andy Solomon
Why? oh why? do these Northern states even think they have a chance ?

12 to 1 — OG’s of ACA — Keith Thompson & Kristina Thompson
The local and his wife have good odds but need the draw to help them out

40 to 1 — FIN ADDICTS — Christian Torres & Adam Kartzke
These guys both catch a few but if they get a distance swim they are in big trouble

35 to 1 — GILLS GONE WILD — Clayton Lothrop & Cliff Atkins
Newbies always have a good shot, but do they have the experience to catch when the going gets tough

50 to 1 — THE NET STRETCHERS — Carl Norris & Christopher Norris
The only way these guys will stretch a net is when they land more catfish

65 to 1 — THE YOUNG GUNS — Austin Pass & Brendan Pass
We all know what happened to the Young Guns – they crashed and burned

25 to 1 — URBAN FISHING — Laura Deatherage & Josef Raguro
Josef and Laura both know how to catch carp they just need a good spot to do it from

8 to 1 — BIG CARP NEWS/DYNAMITE BAITS — Craig Parkes & Dean Brooks
I hear both these guys can catch the odd fish here and there but Ladybird is a hard fished water that takes a bit of knowledge. Heard from one of this team who claims is a Brit, obviously the odds have been updated to reflect this

18 to 1 — TEAM CARPPRO/WCC — Bubba Staton & Rick Wilson
Last years winners are always in with a good shot

45 to 1 — TEAM AQUAHOLICS — Brid Caveney & Christine Stout
If these were big buffalo odds they would be reversed, problem is if they have to fish anywhere but from the car it will take two hours before they start fishing thus reducing their odds even further

35 to 1 — K-1 Baits/USCARPPRO — Anthony Stout & Mike Wheeler
Mike has been know to catch a few carp now and then (previous winner and 2nd last year proves that)

75 to 1 — TIGHT LINES — Brian Daugherty & Tom Daugherty
More Northerners like lambs to the slaughter

28 to 1 — OUTBACK FISHERMEN — Steve Corrilier & Jason Jackson
Carolina boys always have a chance if they can get their pack to where the fish are.

15 to 1 — TITO”S VODKA HAPPY HOUR EXPRESS — Jim Kirkman & Jon Eisen
Can they leave the Tito’s alone long enough to catch. Jim is a fantastic angler and Jon has been known to catch a few

40 to 1 — Carphunter Baits & So.Africa Carp Fanatics — Wayne Boon & George Diamond
Not sure if Wayne is up to catching a carp during the ATC – don’t think he has done so yet

12 to 1 — BATES BROTHERS — Michael Bates & Steven Bates
Two time winners and very good anglers but do the odds favor them doing it again

55 to 1 — TOKS Unleashed — Ken Keene & Larysa Switlyk
Will Ken be able to concentrate on fishing with Larysa as his partner


  1. Adam Kartzke says:

    First, you spelled my name wrong. It’s Kartzke. I know it’s hard to find seeing as I’ve only got about 20 fishing records filed with the state. One of which is on Ladybird lake. Secondly I don’t know where you got your info from but I’m known for bombing way out there on decker lake where the big girls live…ie my recent 58.5lb lake record buff. Just thought you might like to know.

  2. Keith says:

    Name came from the CAG ATC entries list so you might want to get them to update it too, I have updated it here.

    Lake records have nothing to do with these odds – they are just a little bit of fun.

  3. Keith says:

    Maybe your odds need to be increased for bitching LOL

  4. Craig Parkes says:

    Is it too late to switch with Ken? lol
    It will add +5 to my odds, but its better than looking at Dean for two days lol.

  5. Mike says:

    I like these odds. Maybe I should bring my kayak and BOMB IT OUT THERE like some people do.

  6. Adam Kartzke says:

    Spose I deserve a bit of ribbing. But I haven’t brought out a kayak in quite some time. I’ve adopted the lazy way of trying to get way out there. Good thing there’s no need to cast very far on this lake. Or else Christian and I would be in big trouble.

    P.S. thanks for pooping in all the swims. Hopefully that will be the only “floater” out there this weekend. (Yes dead body jokes are in bad taste)

  7. Damn Yankee says:

    Those guys up top, couple of ” fat old one-eyed pilgrims”…