2014 ATC Team Odds

Tongue in cheek odds for this years ATC competitors

Odds Team Competitors Notes
8-1 BATES BROTHERS Michael & Steven Bates A good chance for previous winners, odds would be even better if Michael actually fished too
10-1 ACA4LIFE Keith Thompson & Kevin Olivier These guys fish Ladybird nearly every week, so know the swims and know how to extract the best from each one. The force is strong with this pairing
12-1 CARP-E-DIEM August & Ashleigh Wells With Ashleigh generally catching bigger fish than August they have a great chance at the big prize.
16-1 THE WOOLARDS-ACA Lyndsey & Chad Woolard Look out for this pair, they catch a few carp now and then.
18-1 NTX CARP PRO John Eisen & Joseph Raguro These guys can catch but will need a good draw and a better bait
20-1 VCARPERS Son Ho & Michael Tran This pairing can catch the heck out of the Ladybird carp, just so long as they are within 400 yards of the 35W boat ramp.
25-1 BIG CARP U.S.A. David Moore & Brian Nordberg What can we say about a team that fished the very first ATC, have both been part of a winning team and they know how to catch from Ladybird
40-1 RICKYRICK Ricky Wilson & Rick Wilson Can they be the first father/son team to win? Only if Rick brings better bait
50-1 TIPPED SCALES Carl Norris & Evan Cartabiano Perennial Carl is due to catch a few on Ladybird, Evan is no slouch either but might struggle on Ladybird
60-1 NORGGE Christopher & Sydney Norris No info about this pair but at least they are from TX. Christopher did blank at last years ATC so might get a few this year
70-1 PEG LEG Chris Vines & Mark Villanova Can Mark remember how to catch carp and don’t bet on Buffaloman Chris taking the buffalo pot.
751 SOUTHERN CARP EXPERIENCE Joe Carter & Clayton Lothrop Fresh off his recent 50lb buffalo PB Clayton might be still amped enough to get into the Ladybird carp, Joe can always catch something wherever he goes.
80-1 BOSSARD Melissa Mc Daniels & Kurt Bond Certainly in with a good chance, but we have watched Kurt blank like an expert too. Melissa might catch more than Kurt does.
85-1 DALLAS HOOKERS Chris Harrington & Jesse Chavez We know Chris and Jesse both catch plenty of fish in DFW but how will they do on Ladybird
99-1 HOOSEIRISH Brid Caveney & Kenny Keaton Brid is always good for a few fish and Kenny seems to know how to catch. They will only do well if they can park next to their swim since they have to carry 27 buckets of bait each day.
100-1 TBA Christian Torres & Chad Edwards Both good anglers but Chad takes more pictures of feet than carp and Christian can still only cast 50 yards
105-1 NO CHANCE Frank Kessler & Andy Longstreth At least they are from Texas but see the team name for why they have high odds
110-1 SONIQ Wayne Boone & Richard Cervantes Both know how to catch but can they get the fish on Ladybird to feed on the baits that they bring from California?
115-1 K-1 BAITS & POLONIA CARP TEAM Marcin Szydlowski & Henryk Burza Marcin has been here before but not for a few years, the lake has changed a lot since the last time he was here.
120-1 POLONIA CARP TEAM Daniel Szorc & Andrzej Burnagie If they take Marcin’s advice they might catch a few.
180-1 STOUT/ K1 BAITS Tony & Christine Stout Odds would be better if they were not from Indiana, of course they have a previous winner as a runner so that might help
220-1 GOLDEN BALLS Mark Metzger & Phil Saunders Phil knows how to catch carp, but has hampered himself with Mark as a partner
230-1 TIGHT LINES Brian Daugherty & Tom Daugherty Might make the top ten but Michigan has no chance two years in a row
250-1 THE YOUNG GUNS Austin Pass & Brendan Pass No repeat for this pairing since Michigan has no chance two years in a row
300-1 MICHIGAN CARPERS Nikolas Williams & Drew Nichols Never been here before AND Michigan has no chance two years in a row


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