About Austin Carp Angler

What We’re About

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Austin Carp Angler (ACA) was founded for the simple purpose of trying to spread the word about this world class sport fish called carp. In the vast world of carp fishing, we are mere rookies. Just when you think you have the carp figured out, you don’t! Carp, pound for pound, is the hardest freshwater fighting fish. Anglers around the world are addicted to the sweet siren of their alarms going off as a large carp runs with their gear. We wish to spread that joy to local Austin anglers.

We have many goals here at ACA. We plan to promote the sport of carp angling through local events in order to raise public awareness. If you are new to carp, and you see local anglers on the bank, ask questions. It’s a pretty good chance it will be an angler from ACA, Carp Anglers Group, or Wild Carp Companies of Texas. All of which will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. That’s the best part of carp angling, the people…..and huge carp, of course.

If you’re new to the sport of carp angling, please visit our about carp fishing page. Hope to see you out on the bank!

Our Mission

What We’re Here To Do

Austin Carp Anglers’ mission is simple – promote the great sport of carp fishing. Not only do we wish to share the joy that carp fishing had brought to all of our lives, but we also wish to raise public awareness of what a great sport fish carp and smallmouth buffalo could be. In doing this, we would also help pave the way to establishing carp and smallmouth buffalo as a game fish, and help protect the fish that we love so dearly.

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