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February 4th was the 2nd session of the Wild Carp Club of Austin yearlong tournament.  We were at Lady Bird Lake for this session.  Everyone at ACA was looking forward to fishing LBL.  The day started out pretty cold and wet.  The pressure was pretty high (about 30), but it had been consistently high all week.  When we arrived at the bank, it was pretty gloomy, but we had high hopes.  We choose our swims, and started to setup.  It was Scott, Chad, Mike, August, and me to start with. Mike and I were in the lead, and we hoped to not only retain that lead, but to improve on it.

We all got our rods out, and it began.  We were all gathered in my swim just talking when Scott noticed a jogger looking at his pod as he passed.  We all went silent when Scott turned to check his pod out.  I didn’t hear a thing.  Scott heard one of his reels spooling, and ran to his pod.  He picked up his rod and set the hook, fish on!  Scott landed a beautiful 34# common. Beautiful fish.  What a way to start the session!  Not more than 30 minutes into the day, and already a nice big common.  Scott’s homemade boilies put him in the lead for the session.

Encouraged by Scott’s catch, we all set to baiting out swims.  It wasn’t long before Mike’s alarm screamed off.  Mike ran to his pod and set the hook….fish on!  Mike landed a beautiful 22# 10oz common.  With that catch Mike took the lead in the tournament.  It wasn’t long before Mike had his second catch, 19# common.  He was on a roll.  Mike now has a considerable lead on all of us.  It was clear at this point that this would be a very productive session.

I was starting to fall behind in points.  I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong.  Scott on my left, and Mike on my right, there had to be some carp in my swim, right?  I decided to change up my hook bait, and re-bait.  Mike saw my frustration starting to set in and reassured me that the fish would come.  Not 5 minutes after this, my alarm screams off.  Fish on!  My first catch of the day was 17# 6oz common.  Not too shabby, but I had to do better if I wished to retain my lead in the tournament.  I changed my hook bait on my other rigs to what I had caught on, and matched my method by cutting up the same flavor boilies into it.  It wasn’t long before I had my second catch, a beautiful 27# common.  A new PB common for me!  We landed the fish and set him down on the mat.  Just as I was about to unhook the fish and weigh it, my other alarm screamed off!  I didn’t quite know what to do at this point, I panicked.  Scott said “We’ll take care of this one, go!”  I ran over to my pod, set the hook, fish on!  I couldn’t believe it, my first double!  At 17# 5 oz, I had to double check and make sure it wasn’t the same fish from earlier lol.  After weighing it and releasing it, there was still my PB in a sack waiting for me.  I was elated when Scott told me it weighed 27#.  As if a double wasn’t good enough, it was a new PB for me as well!  It took me a while to calm down after that. It was an indescribable feeling, but then again I’m sure I don’t have to.  It didn’t stop there, though.

The catches were coming hard and fast.  Scott’s son Hendrix landed a 20# 7oz common next, a new PB for him. Well done Hendrix!  There is nothing cooler than seeing a young one catch a nice fish.  The look on their face says it all, and this was no exception. Mike was the next one to catch.  A beautiful 28# common!  This was Mike’s final catch of the day, and at this point, he was in the lead for the tournament.  All day Mike and I had been exchanging the lead.  By far one of the craziest competitions I have been a part of.

Around 3 in the afternoon, my final catch of the day came.  I landed a nice 17# 14oz common.  Not the biggest, but it didn’t have to be to put me back in the lead.  4 commons for me that day.  I’m sure there are plenty of anglers out there with many sessions like this, but for this novice carp angler, this was by far my best.  The fact that it was during a tournament, made it all that much sweeter!

It didn’t stop there.  August landed a nice 21# 8oz, which was his first catch for the tournament. It put him on the board with 344 points.  That common happened to be tagged as well (0024671), 33 ¾”.   Scott also managed to land another common, 20# 8oz, which was the final catch of the day.

What a fantastic session!  11 commons total that day.  A combined weight of 211lbs, roughly.  Another great day of fishing thanks to Wild Carp Club of Austin!  Thanks to Scott for putting it all together!

Here is the point ranking for the tournament, so far.

Kevin Oliver – 1,824 pts.
Mike Wheeler – 1,614 pts.
Scott Ferguson – 872 pts.
August Wells – 344 pts.
Hendrix Van Auken – 327 pts.

Plenty of sessions left for it to be anyone’s game.  Mike is only a 14lb fish behind me.  All it takes is one good session for anyone to challenge our lead.  For now, this newb carp angler will be enjoying the lead that I have over seasoned anglers!  I’m sure they will be giving me a run for my money before long.  I can’t wait!

Until next time…keep ‘em in the net!