Next Fish is Yours

The Next Fish is YOURS!

Austin Carp Angler would like to announce “The Next Fish Is Yours” monthly series of events next year!

Starting in January 2014 we would like everyone to come and join us during our weekend fishing outings. Anyone is welcome, whether you are an angler already, have years of experience, or absolutely none. Come and join as at the spot we are fishing and the first bite that happens after you get there will be yours, next run goes to the next person to arrive. You don’t have to bring anything other than your own food and drink and the enthusiasm to catch a carp or buffalo – however if you are already a carp angler and want to join us with your own gear we will try and put you on fish too. There is no cost to attend, no prizes will be given out, you will have your picture taken with the fish you catch and those pictures will be posted on the ACA web page and Facebook page.

Event locations will be published on our Facebook page and the ACA web site at least two month before the actual event date. We do ask that if you are planning on joining us that you RSVP to the Facebook event so we can get a good handle on how many plan on attending.

The dates below are the weekends that we have allocated for these events. Event dates are subject to change based on local conditions – another reason we would like RSVP’s so we can notify you of of any changes and let you know exact locations we are fishing on the various area lakes

We will try to have to have at least one ACA member fishing on Saturday or Sunday (with optional Monday’s).

The full schedule of dates is as follows

No competition, no prizes, no entry fees, just plain ole fishin’ with local Austin anglers who know the waters!